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Amazon seller funding

Grow your sales with Amazon Seller Funding

Unlock the power of your e-commerce sales with a fast and flexible loans. Purchase more inventory and up scale your marketing.

Become a Best Seller and explore opportunities

Maintain a healthy revenue stream. Never let your best selling ASINs run out or your competition get ahead

Oakmead capital can help…

  • Increase inventory ahead of a busy season
  • Increase your marketing spend
  • Increase your margins by bulk ordering

Benefits to your company

Apply with ease

Simple application process with quick approval

Quick access

Access to cash on tap. No more waiting for traditional finance to be approved before receiving your cash.

Flexible finance

Freedom to invest in the growth of your business, from marketing to fast moving inventory.

Even out seasonality

Maintain a steady cash-flow through busy and slow seasons.

Access to additional funding when your business needs it

Funding limits and credit lines grow as your business’ revenue grows giving you access to the funding you need for your business as you grow. Access capital with ease, make strategic decisions and out compete the competition.

How it works

Connect Amazon store

An offer is based on your sales and stock levels

Obtain a personalised offer

Offers can be tailored to your business’ exact requirements

Spend your cash

Draw down and begin scaling your business

Minimum requirements

  • Amazon sellers in the UK
  • Opted into Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • 6+ months in business + £10k monthly revenue

Application Process

  1. Register and connect your Amazon account
  2. Connect your sales and bank accounts.
  3. Provide basic details about your business