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Revenue Based Finance

The flexible way to grow your business

A Revenue Based Loan is a business loan that mirrors your turnover. Whereas traditional loans are based on a number of historic factors, revenue based lending enables businesses to borrow against monthly e-commerce or credit card sales. This gives the flexibility that as your revenue increases, you can top-up your loan and borrow more. It is flexible real time solution for businesses to generate cash when it is needed most.

Loans from


Fee as low as


Offers as fast as

24 hrs

Flexible repayments built around you

Repayments designed to rise and fall as your sales do.

No fixed repayment amounts. Instead repayments are set at a fixed percentage of sales. Thus, if revenue drops, so do the repayments.

Benefits to your business

Minimal security

Limited or no PG’s required or tangible security.

Flexible repayments

True affordability. Repayments in line with your sales.

Simple fees

One flat fee, no interest calculations. Transparency of cost at the outset.

Growth capital

Access additional funding as your business grows.

Access to extra capital available as your
business grows

Pre agree the amount of credit you have access to but only take what you need, when you need it. This provides additional cash available for growth opportunities..

Minimum requirements

  • An online model such as SaaS, Subscription, Ecommerce, Mobile App or D2C
  • 6+ months in business
  • £50k+ Monthly revenue

Simple Application Process

  1. Find out if you are eligible
  2. Connect your sales and finance accounting software:
  3. Provide basic details on your business

How it works

Only takes a few minutes, and it doesn’t affect your credit score

Find out if you are eligible

Simple application process with limited detail required


Connect your sales and finance accounting software

Fully automated decision making with live information pulled directly from your sales and accounting software

Get your offer and get funded

Withing 24 hours you will be presented with an offer which can be further tailored to your business’ circumstances

Repay Capital

No interest, just a simple fee. Repayments are either daily, weekly or monthly or with the ability to repay the loan based on a percentage of your sales.