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SaaS Runway Finance

Unlock up to 50% of your Annual Recurring Revenue….paid upfront

Fast and flexible growth capital from £50k to £10m, designed to extend your runway. No equity dilutions and simple fee structure. Finance on your terms.

Benefits to your SaaS company

Quick access

Access to cash on tap. No more waiting for traditional finance to be approved before receiving your cash

Flexible finance

Draw your cash in one go or just what you need, when you need it.

Transparent costs

Straightforward fee structure

No equity dilution

Retain more of your business and reap more of the reward

Flexible finance to provide cash when it is needed most.

No restrictions on what the money made available can be used for. Draw down as much or as little as you want, when you need it, and only pay a fee on what you use.

Who is funded

Minimum eligibility requirements

  1. Have a Saas or recurring revenue model
  2. Over 6 months of runway
  3. £1m + annual recurring revenue
  4. Low customer churn rate
  5. Diversified customer base with no one customer representing more than 40% of the overall customer base.

Access to additional
growth capital

Funding lines are designed to grow as your business does with additional top up funding available at 50% repayment. This gives peace of mind that you can access additional growth capital when you need it most and without the cumbersome re-application process experienced with traditional lender.