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  • Ensuring your business has adequate cash flow is vital in ensuring it’s a future success. Supply Chain Finance offers a specialist structured product designed specifically to support your business and ensure a healthy supply chain.

Our experienced trade finance teamwork with specialist Supply Chain Finance Lenders within Trade Finance sector. This enables us to be able to quickly structure and set up straightforward trade finance facilities so that our clients do not have to turn down orders and any potentially lucrative relationships that may follow. Whether you are importing or exporting goods, contact a member of our trade finance team and we will be happy to talk through your requirements and provide you with assistance.

  • No need to use your cash to pay suppliers – The lender pays your suppliers directly ensuring fast payment of their invoices.
  • Extend trade-credit days – You retain the relationship with your supplier but extend your credit terms with them without affecting this relationship.
  • Pay suppliers early – Pay early and negotiate early repayment discounts to improve your margin.
  • Flexible pay as you use the facility – A facility designed to be used as and when you need with no contracts to tie you in.

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    Benefits To You

    • Improved Working Capital – the lender pays your suppliers directly leaving you with the cash to grow your business
    • No formal security – only a promissory note is required and so the facility shouldn’t interfere with other funding arrangements
    • Higher lever of funding – facilities work alongside other funding arrangements which will increase the level of working capital you have
    • Extend your payment terms – increase your payment terms up to 120 days without affecting your relationship with your suppliers

    How It Works

    • The Lender agrees on a credit limit for the business
    • You agree which suppliers you wish to include in the facility
    • Together you and the Lender introduce the programme to your nominated suppliers
    • You send confirmation of the supplier’s invoices to the Lender and they issue a promissory note
    • You authorise the promissory note and payment is made to the supplier
    • Repayment is made on the agreed repayment date
    Benefits To Your Supplier

    Benefits To Your Supplier

    Invoice Discounting is a confidential working capital facility. It operates under a similar premise to a Factoring facility. However, with an Invoice Discounting facility, the lender’s involvement in founding the business is kept confidential and the credit control and collection of the business’ invoices remain the responsibility of the business.

    There are some other subtle differences compared to a Factoring facility. Notably, the lender will fund against the sum of bulks of invoices rather than individual invoices. The lender will also set up a trust account in the name of the business and to which payments are made by your debtors.

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    How Oakmead Finance Can Help

    With over 20 years of experience in structuring facilities across all sectors from startup businesses to corporate entities, we are best placed to advise and structure the right facility for you.

    Contact us if you would like to explore the invoice finance options available to you or if you would like us to review your existing finance facility.

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