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    Asset Finance

    • Asset finance can enable a business to purchase or refinance commercial vehicles, machinery or equipment, spreading the cost over some time

    Our Industry Expertise

    • Asset finance can enable a business to purchase or refinance commercial vehicles, machinery or equipment, spreading the cost over a period of time


    Agriculture Packaging
    Construction Print
    Engineering Transport and logistics
    Manufacturing Waste and recycling

    Types Of Products

    Our specialist asset finance team have all worked in the asset finance sector with the main banks and specialist lenders to provide finance solutions for UK businesses across all sectors, whether it is a sole trader or a large-scale operator in the industry.

    Hire purchase

    Hire purchase product provides the flexibility to spread the cost of an asset over a fixed period. Whether you are buying vehicles, engineering machinery, construction equipment, or other commercial equipment that has a resell value hire purchase offers you fixed monthly repayments so you can manage your budget effectively over the repayment term. Plus, when the repayment term is finished, you own the asset.

    Sale and hire back hp

    Sale and Hire Back HP is an innovative product that enables you to unlock the capital held in your existing assets. For businesses looking to expand it is an efficient and effective way to finance the growth.

    We have access to specialist lenders who will purchase the asset at an agreed value and finance it back to you over a fixed period with repayments matching the income stream generated by the asset. This can also include assets currently under a finance agreement and is available to most asset classes and trading entities.


    Refinancing assets is a great way to quickly release additional working capital or to restructure an existing agreement.

    Based on an asset’s value (whether you own it outright or are currently under an existing finance agreement) our experienced asset finance specialists will work with you to get the most from the refinance facility.

    Finance lease

    A Finance Lease gives you the freedom and flexibility to give you the use of your equipment without the responsibility of owning it or the cost of purchasing it outright at the outset. The full cost of the asset, along with interest, is recovered by the Lender over the agreement term. You will have full use of the asset for its useful life, being responsible for its maintenance and insurance until the end of the agreement when you can decide to keep it or return it.

    Operating lease

    An operating lease gives you full use of the asset without the burden of owning it.

    The lease period is for a fraction of the asset’s useful life, which means you only pay for the difference between the original purchase price and the residual value at the end of the agreement.

    At the end of the lease term, the lender is responsible for disposing of the asset along with recovering the residual value on which the agreement was based.

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    How Oakmead Finance Can Help

    We are passionate about helping firms reach their potential and understand business is more than just credit ratings and financial performance.

    Our Asset Finance team work closely with like-minded specialist lenders who base their lending decisions on the overall health and plans for the business, rather than just a credit rating.

    We work with them to understand your industry as well as seasonality factors that may affect your repayments. We then create tailor-made repayment structures that work for you.

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