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Joint Venture Finance

  • 100% of land and development costs fully funded
  • Profits shared typically 60% in favour of the developer

We have been working with developers to deliver higher leverage funding models to minimise developers contributions and so maximise the number of developments they can undertake at any given moment.

We can now introduce you to an innovative and game-changing joint venture partner who can provide the answer to a project in need of funds to help you maximise profits that might otherwise be lost.

Joint Venture Finance is aimed at experienced developers who are perhaps asset rich but cash poor or those who simply just want to get on and manage the project through to completion and not worry about the funding, legal and pre/post contract work.

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    Key Points

    • Land & development costs 100% funded by the joint venture finance partner
    • Profits are shared on sale of the development – typically 60% in favour of the developer
    • A new SPV is set up by your Joint Venture Finance Partner- this holds the assets and is owned by the Joint Venture Finance Partner.
    • The partnership is contracted to protect your profit and interests
    • You the developer remain in control throughout unless you explicitly ask for support from the Joint Venture Finance Partner

    Funding Basics

    • Joint Venture Finance is only for experienced developers
    • Full planning must be obtained already
    • Project lengths must be a maximum of 24 months
    • Target GDV’s are £2m to £15m.
    • Developments are required to be multi-residential or permitted development rights conversions
    • Interest is charged on a blend of senior and mezzanine rates a rolled up so doesn’t require servicing

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    How Oakmead Finance Can Help

    Oakmead finance is a trusted specialist in property development finance having helped source and arrange development finance facilities from £250k to £94m.

    We have experience in arranging and structuring development finance facilities up to 90% loan to costs including senior debt, mezzanine loans, bridging loan finance and equity finance for our clients.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements and explore the options available to you.

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